When Parry Metz was a pre-med student at the University of Michigan, he had visions of improving lives and having a profound and lasting effect upon humanity. So he did the only sensible thing: he changed his major to advertising.

For 15 years, Parry was a creative director and copywriter at DDB Chicago, where he has worked on Safeway, JCPenney, McDonald’s, The Field Museum, the Afterschool Alliance/Ad Council, the American Cancer Society, and many other accounts. Most recently, he was creative lead on a multi-million dollar Jewel-Osco campaign and also led social media content creation for GNC and Citibank.

Parry takes pride in finding creative solutions to every assignment that comes his way, no matter how small*. Judging by his longevity on the Albertsons/Safeway account (11 years) and, prior to that, the JCPenney account (6 years), this seems to be something that clients appreciate.

3 guiding principles have truly helped shape Parry as a writer and creative leader:

Good is the enemy of great. — Voltaire

People only read what interests them.                                      Sometimes it's an ad. — Howard Gossage

Don't be a douche. — some guy

Along the way, he has won a host of awards and created work that has consistently been best in category. What brain surgeon can say that?


*Excludes the JCPenney Biggest Sale of the Season spot. That was just flat out embarrassing.